I grew up in the heart of Winnipeg (downtown).  I spent a lot of my childhood watching movies, creating art, and being outside. I always had a passion for making things and I hoped that my future career could include this.

It wasn’t until I attended University of Winnipeg that I knew what I wanted to do. I started taking film classes as well as Indigenous studies classes. This is where I found my two true passions. I have recently graduated with a double major in Film and Indigenous Studies at the UofW. This fall I will be going back to do my masters in Indigenous Governance.

I have made a few films through school and the NSI New Voices program but I have also branched out and found work in Winnipeg’s fantastic film scene. I have gotten into directing, sound engineering, talent wrangling, writing, editing, and general crew work. I have worked on numerous short films, television shows, and live events such as: Meghan’s Menu, Sunnyside, The Juno Awards, Aboriginal Day Live, Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards, and Planet Echo.

I hope to make films that challenge stereotypes, xenophobia, oppression and objectification. My goal is to explore different angles of the stories we are told. My wish is to encourage viewers to think critically about how images and ideas are presented to them.In the future I hope to have my own production company where I am able to support other Indigenous artists. Having Indigenous Peoples’ tell their own stories in their own way is incredibly essential.

I believe that storytelling is a powerful way to heal, learn, and explore.


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