First blog post

With the help of an awesome filmmaker and friend I am creating my first real website (and now this blog).

Funny story – when I was in high school I thought I would stick with computer science and make websites or do the special effects/animations in films. Today, I am making films and have no idea how to do the special effects, and here I am making a website and using absolutely no coding at all… Maybe it’s not a funny story, but it is interesting how things work out.

I have to admit that I did have a blog site in high school (not by my free will) and I don’t count it as a real thing because I was a baby. I also deleted it immediately after the class was done because I did not believe I would ever need to use it again. I must say that I was pretty proud of what I had created, but alas I thought it was unnecessary.

I guess my point is that you never really know where you are headed and we should just enjoy the ride and not delete the websites we make.

Take care!